New York State Election Commissioners Association
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NYS Election Commissioners Association

About Us

The ECA represents New York’s election professionals working at boards of elections in sixty two rural and urban counties. Each county election office is managed and staffed in a bi-partisan manner by election professionals standing watch to ensure the people’s right to choose leaders in free and democratic elections.

Our sixty two individual county election boards are mandated by the New York State Constitution and work autonomously in a close partnership with the New State Board of Elections in Albany. Additionally, the New York City Board of Elections’ county/borough elections boards are serviced by an Executive Office located in lower Manhattan. Each bi-partisan election office fully represents the two major parties, as determined by the last gubernatorial election, and stand as the guardians of democracy for all New Yorkers.

The ECA encourages any New York citizen to reach out with questions relating to any aspect of voting in New York State.